Butcher and Meat Processor Providing Custom, High-Quality Cuts BN000040470

Midwest US
Business Services; Consumer, Food & Retail
Client Code: BN000040470
Revenue (Internal): $2,492,725
EBITDA (Internal): $73,306

The company is a butcher and meat processor, providing custom cuts at the highest quality. All of the company’s meats are locally raised and hand-selected. The company slaughters, butchers, cures, smokes, and prepares its meats on-site to give its customers the

best selection and freshest options.

Key Aspects

· Well-established company for more than 50 years

· Superior customer service

· Fresh, high-quality, and locally-sourced meat

· Long-tenured staff

· Capable of processing beef, hog, and boneless deer

· In-house slaughtering, butchering, curing, and smoking


· Offer products for sale through the company’s website

· Offer subscription boxes via local delivery and mail order

· Private-label, USDA-inspected cured meats for distribution

· Open additional retail stores in new territories

· Produce case-ready meat for local supermarkets

· Offer plant-based proteins and laboratory-grown meats to diversify



· Midwest United States

Current Markets

· Consumers and commercial entities needing butcher and processed


Real Estate

· The company owns its operating facility and completed significant

remodeling to the building in 2019. The owners expect to include the

facility with the sale of the company. There is room to grow in the

current facility.