Well-established health and wellness franchise business specialising in medically approved intravenous vitamin drip therapy

South Africa
Client Code: BN000048039
Turnover (Management): R6,992,382
EBITDA (Management): R2,654,647

This company specialises in administering medically approved intravenous vitamin and mineral drips to a diverse customer base across South Africa. The company currently has almost 30 franchises, with additional franchises scheduled to launch within the next year. Each branch, which is set in a tranquil lounge environment, is located in an upmarket mall with excellent footfall. With a strong supplier network, a constant influx of franchisee applications and a positive reputation within the healthcare industry in South Africa, our client is ideally positioned for growth.

Key Aspects
  • An innovative health service that has demonstrated success in improving wellness and addressing various health conditions
  • Scalable business model suitable for expansion to new locations through franchising and/or company-owned stores
  • Recognized brand presence and media coverage, generating valuable publicity and increasing brand awareness
  • Established customer loyalty and high satisfaction rates evident from positive online reviews
  • Comprehensive training program for franchisees and nurses, ensuring the delivery of top-quality service
  • Well-established supplier network, enabling efficient and cost-effective procurement of products
  • Expand the franchise model to new locations, creating opportunities for additional branches and diversified revenue streams
  • Continuously innovate by developing new products and services that align with evolving customer needs and preferences
  • Enhance marketing strategies to attract a wider customer base and increase brand recognition, both domestically and internationally. Explore untapped market sectors
  • Foster strategic partnerships with relevant companies to broaden product offerings and access new customer segments
  • Maximize the benefits of the existing loyalty program to incentivize repeat business, boost customer retention, and encourage referrals
  • Strengthen supply chain management by establishing an in-house compounding facility, providing greater control and potential cost savings
Current Markets
  • The company's main customer segments and target audience fall within the higher LSM brackets, specifically LSM 6-10. 
  • In terms of customers, the company's various franchises serve thousands of clients per month across the group, with an average spend of R800-R1000 per client per visit, and each client visits on average 1-2 times per month.