Wholesale distributors of fresh and frozen produce throughout Zambia.

Consumer, Food & Retail
Client Code: BM007548
Turnover (Actual): R42,349,286
EBITDA (Actual): R3,233,132

This food services company supplies fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen french fries and vegetables, processed vegetables, and dry goods to hotels, camps & lodges, retailers and fast-food chains throughout Zambia. Services include the supply of both wholesale and custom-packaged orders of the approximately 170 different products for clients. The delivery cold chain is maintained by their own fleet or third-party refrigerated transport options.

Key Aspects
  • Proven operations and logistics in sourcing the extensive product range locally and through importation from South Africa, packing to order, and daily distribution around the country.
  • Exceptional quality and compliance with food service safety standards, product security, and delivery cold chain ensure certification to stringent international standards, and approval by international chains such as Yum Brands.
  • Established, purpose-built facilities are suited to the vast quantity and diversity of products, for wholesale or custom packaging. Facilities include refrigerated, frozen and dry storage capabilities, a sterile high-care facility, refrigerated delivery trucks, and infrastructure for production continuity.
  • Strong relationships with both local and South African suppliers ensure constant availability of produce.
  • Vendor listings at blue-chip hotels, tourist lodges, and international fast-food chains, such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Massmart, Nandos and Spur amongst others
  • Entry to the politically and socially stable Zambian national market, an investment-friendly destination with increasing urbanisation, forecasting significant growth in the food services industry.
  • Expand facilities to increase market share by storing larger volumes, renting out cold storage units, and expanding the refrigerated fleet size.
  • The fully-functional processing facility was built at double the existing required capacity to enable expansion without further capital.
  • Develop a regional distribution centre for bulk South African imports into Zambia and exporting to neighbouring countries, through a managed distribution hub.
  • Penetrate deeper into the existing client base through broad-based supply of catering services, especially into remote areas where there is very limited supply currently.