Manufacturer and supplier of bulk rope to a large diversified customer base.

South Africa
Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BM020101
Turnover (Actual): R25,584,505
EBITDA (Actual): R3,264,613

An established manufacturer of ropes and twine with a solid reputation for high quality products, servicing various industries ranging from agriculture, transport, mining, retail, and fishing. The products are made from either synthetic or natural fibres, and include polyethylene and co-polymer products, cotton, nylon and polyester.

Key Aspects
  • Well-established, reputable brand in operation for over 40 years
  • Consistent demand of the consumable products, which are highly unlikely to be replaced by technological development
  • Substantial asset base, loyal customers and significant production capabilities provides a barrier for newcomers to enter the market
  • Efficiently run, low overhead cost structure with capacity to quickly respond to market demand
  • Loyal and diverse customer base across a variety of industries
  • High quality manufactured products, with the ability to develop new products and solutions specific to client needs
  • Strong management team with experienced and knowledgeable personnel, combined with a low staff turnover
  • Growth is easily attainable as the business is currently operating at 70% production capacity
  • Take advantage of tender opportunities to gain sizeable contracts
  • Additional production capacity to become available due to newly commissioned machine, increasing production by 10 tons per month
  • Secure additional large retail contracts for packaged consumables
  • Expand rope distribution in other parts of South Africa and begin export to the African continent
  • Develop a sales and marketing division to broaden reach and scope
  • Development opportunities are in progress within the mining and transport sectors

South Africa