Specialist brand-builders that import, distribute and retail high-quality pet foods and accessories for the South African market

South Africa
Consumer, Food & Retail
Client Code: BN000030572
Turnover (Actual): R171,932,726
EBITDA (Actual): R16,127,710

Introducing a unique acquisition opportunity to gain access to two businesses offering pet foods, toys, accessories and medicines; all in high demand across South Africa. The group’s broad product offering is augmented by the highest levels of service, a highly trained and technically capable sales team, a sophisticated, cloud-based, software-driven supply chain and a marketing team that has built an international reputation on the back of launching new brands successfully into the South African market.

Key Aspects
  • Exclusive agents for leading international pet brands
  • Broad selection of products, fulfilling the needs of an extensive and growing market
  • Highly skilled marketing and logistics teams
  • Strong year-on-year growth 
  • Reaching customers along all steps of the supply chain
  • Robust infrastructure and technical systems
  • Product registrations represent a significant barrier to entry for any potential competitor
  • In-house distribution centres and logistics capabilities
  • The proven business model is replicable and has considerable runway to scale, with many regions ripe for expansion
  • Demonstrated brand-building expertise garners high demand from overseas pet brands wanting to enter the South African market
  • Expanding product lines; new products have significant market potential, and a pipeline of items in various stages of registration will continue to fuel future growth
  • Online sales growth can be achieved off a well-established platform with increased marketing spend
  • Retail sales can be increased by rolling out new stores both off the base in Gauteng and nationwide
  • Ideally positioned to benefit from the booming pet industry in South Africa and an acquirer with an African expansion strategy would be well-supported to pursue it
  • In-house logistics footprint gives the opportunity to scale more volume through the current network
  • The group's headquarters are in Gauteng, where it has also has multiple retail stores. Additional distribution centres in two other provinces fulfil wholesale and online retail orders in those areas
Current Markets
  • National sales via wholesale, retail and online channels
  • Majority of the client base is in Gauteng and Western Cape, with room for expansion in other provinces
  • High retention rate of loyal customers that include:Pet supply retail stores
  • Veterinarians
  • Pet service providers
  • Online shops
  • Pet owners